Game Related Talks

This section provides a variety of team talks relative to individual and team performance. You will see and hear everything close up, it's like you are on the field with the team! In this section there are many talks that will help players improve their communication, work ethic, leadership, decision making and respect for officials. The talks are upbeat and motivational.

Strength In Numbers Story.

Try this exercise before your next game to emphasize the strength of being a team and not just individuals [...]

Learning to Communicate .

The communication skills players learn through soccer will be a critical in all aspects of their lives. Watch video to see how [...]

Team Work Ethic.

One of your first objectives as a coach is to define what “Hard Work” looks like as a team. What is your definition? [...]

Every Players needs to know this.

The biggest hurdle for most players to overcome is that they do very difficult things when it needs very simple solutions. [...]

Imposing your personality.   

Imposing or injecting your personality into a game is vital if you aim to win. Watch this video to learn how [...]

What we can learn from geese.

Do you know why Geese fly in a "V" formation? Your team can learn a lot about teamwork and leadership from Geese [...]

Managing the game.

The final minutes in any close game are critical. Educate your players on "How to Manage the Game" with these important pointers [...]

Its hard to do what you do.

Its not a waisted conversation to remind your players how hard it is, to do what they do. Take time to reflect [...]

Always strive for A+.

Every player, in every practice session and match, should be striving for an “A” plus.
It should be the standard, no exception [...]

Don't be afraid of Change.

A player's personal vision for themselves plays a crucial role in their ability to change and improve [...]

How to Get Better.

Every single player on this planet wants to get better, but many don't know what it actually takes to improve [...]

Win the small games First.

You can't win the big games on the weekend, if you can't win the small games in practice. Winning is a full time job! [...]

Support Your Creative Players.

Encourage your creative players and give them the freedom to make mistakes in the pursuit of winning games [...]

Only Good Touches Count.

No player should ever take it for granted that they can pass a ball. They should give 100% attention to every pass [...]

What Type of Player are You?

Soccer is a math problem, because there are players who add, subtract, multiply or divide the team [...]