Off the Field Team Building Activities

In this section, we will explore creative ways to teach team building in a variety of settings, including the classroom, swimming pool, locker room, and gymnasium. Additionally, team building exercises can be extended to include community service activities, creating a viral team video, or attending events together. The key is to incorporate as many different methods as possible to increase the chances of success in teaching team building skills.

An Exercise in Trust.

This is a great life lesson to teach the meaning of trust to your players and why it's so important... [...]

Wear Your Own Kit Day.

Once a season I like to have a day when my players are allowed to wear their own kit for training. Try it with your team [...]

Swimming Pool Olympics.

If your fortunate to have access to a swimming pool, include this fun work out in your team building plans. [...]

Team Meditation Session.

I believe that Meditation should be a part of every serious player’s toolkit. Watch this video to see why [...]

Ping Pong Tournament.

If you want to turn up the volume of your locker room, try this tournament with your players and staff. [...]

Pre Season Team Meeting.

Your first meeting with your team is a very important opportunity to define your vision and plan for the season [...]

Depend on your Teamates.

The lesson this exercise is that each player must trust each other, and no player is greater than the "Team". Try it with your team [...]

Developing Team Influencers.

A significant part of leader development should be on the practice field. This is a must exercise to do with your leaders [...]

The Buddy System.

This is a useful exercise to help develop team communication, motivation and leadership. It reveals a lot about each player [...]

Goal Setting Classroom Session.

Watch this classroom goal setting session by Coach, Austin Daniels to help you set targets for your team. [...]

Make Your Team Go Viral.

Making a viral team video can be a lot of fun and give your team a little exposure on social media [...]

Player Appreciation Award.

This is a simple exercise you can do for team building. Once a week,  select one player to be recognized in front of their team mates. [...]

What do you Love?

This is a great exercise to reveal what your players love about your team. Try it with your players this season [...]

Player Appreciation Award.

Have some fun with this and pick a pregame song best suited for your team, or even have your players make their own song [...]

What Do You have in Common?.

In this exercise players are encouraged to discover what they have in common with their teammates [...]

Your Pregame Image.

How you line up pregame can send a message to your oppoenets. Do you look ready and "United"? [...]

Time to Take a Day Trip.

A change of scenery and the opportunity to bond with team members can help boost morale and motivation [...]

Locker Room Culture.

A home team locker room can be conducive to developing a team culture in several ways. Find out how [...]